Holy Birth Week events in İzmir started with a ceremony organized in Kültürpark İsmet İnönü Art Center. İzmir Governor Mustafa Toprak gave speech in the ceremony stating “it is quite important that the coexistence principle of the Prophet Mohammed is brought into the agenda of both our country and all humankind with the theme of ‘let’s get together to maintain humanity’”. Provincial Mufti Prof. Dr. Ramazan Muslu noted that all programs to be organized throughout the week are the product of efforts to bring the Prophet Mohammed’s mercy message together with all humanity. Stating that building a civilization is impossible without oneness and unity, Muslu pointed out that the basis of the conflicts which turned Islamic lands into blood bath is getting away from oneness and unity and danger of disorder and division.
Quran was read in the program and Choir of the Provincial Office of Mufti performed chants and odes. Celal Bayar University Faculty of Theology Dean Prof. Dr. Ahmet Güç gave a lecture titled “The Prophet, Oneness and Unity”, and prizes were given to those ranking the highest in the “Siyer-i Nebi Knowledge Contest” organized within the 2016 Holy Birth Program by Turkish Religious Foundation İzmir Branch, İzmir Office of Mufti and Bornova College.
In the ceremony, flowers were given to the nongovernmental organizations contributing to the organization of Holy Birth Week events in İzmir. İzmir Governor Mustafa Toprak gave the flower of Nevvar Salih İşgören Foundation which is among the sponsors of the events to General Coordinator Berna Şahin. In addition, the books prepared with the contribution of Nevvar Salih İşgören Foundation were distributed to those who attended the Holy Birth Week program in the event area in Konak Square.