The first Gene Research Center of Turkey, of which construction started in Dokuz Eylül University Medical Faculty, is going to be completed by Nevvar Salih İşgören Foundation. Nevvar Salih İşgören Foundation, contributing to the realization of public investments of İzmir, donated 2,5 million liras for this important project.

The protocol aimed at the completion of the center projecting modernization of İzmir in medicine was signed with a ceremony organized in Dokuz Eylül University (DEÜ) İzmir Biomedicine and Genome Institute (İBG – İzmir). İzmir Governor Mustafa Toprak, Dokuz Eylül University Rector Prof. Mehmet Füzün, İzmir Advanced Technology Institute Rector Prof. Dr. Mustafa Güden, Deputy Governor Cemil Özgür Öneği, Provincial Health Director Dr. Ayhan İzzettinoğlu, İzmir Mufti Prof. Dr. Ramazan Muslu, Balçova District Governor Süleyman Özçakıcı, Nevvar Salih İşgören Foundation Chairman of the Board of Trustees Ömer Şener, Vice Chairman of the Board Erol Urgun, Supervisory Board President Ünal Ödemiş, General Coordinator Berna Şahin and academicians attended the ceremony.


At the beginning of the ceremony, the Director of the center Prof. Dr. Mehmet Öztürk informed about the studies. DEÜ Rector Prof. Dr. Mehmet Füzun stated that Biomedicine and Genome Center would present many things to İzmir, and said “I express my gratitude to our Distinguished President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan for his support to realization of this project. We are also very glad that we collaborate in this project with Nevvar Salih İşgören Foundation. The late Salih İşgören made much charity work for our university. We remember him with respect once again.”

Nevvar Salih İşgören Foundation Chairman of the Board Prof. Dr. Mustafa Ökmen stated that they continued investments to increase social capital of İzmir and said: “We remember Nevvar and Salih İşgören with gratitude once again. They would be really happy to see such a crowd. Dokuz Eylül University is an institution which had special relation with Salih İşgören. We had considerable support for them and it will go on increasingly. The will of late Salih İşgören was “Get into the weeds while making investment. Consult Governor’s office all the time”. I would like to thank our Distinguished Governor Mustafa Toprak for his support in making right choices. As Mehmet Öztürk said, we’ll go on breaking the routine. It is an honour to support İzmir as Nevvar Salih İşgören Foundation.”


İzmir Governor Mustafa Toprak underlined that such a worldwide center should continue with the contribution of community and philanthropists and stated “Nevvar and Salih İşgören were the people who aimed to contribute to humanity in their lifetime and put their efforts in this point. The current administration of the foundation continues to contribute upon the wills of the late with the same understanding unity. I think that this contribution is very important. As the Great Leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk pointed out, these projects are crucial for getting to the point where modern civilizations are. Our Distinguished President has great contribution in completion of this project. I express my gratitude to him. He also paid respect visiting the late Salih İşgören when he was in sickbed. Considering all of these, Nevvar Salih İşgören Foundation has a great function with its contribution in education, healthcare, social and cultural fields. Even only the contribution of Nevvar Salih İşgören Foundation to DEÜ is praiseworthy.”

After the speeches, the protocol prepared aiming the completion of the center was signed by the administrators of the two institutions. Following the signature, the first leaves were hung by the Governor Mustafa Toprak and Nevvar Salih İşgören Foundation administrators to the donation car located in the entrance of İzmir Biomedicine and Genome Center (İBG-İzmir).

The Stem Cell Therapy Center was named after Nevvar Salih İşgören, and studies which will break new ground combining molecular biology, genetics and medicine sciences are going to be carried out in the international center.