Welcome, Fatma Nevvar !

27 Nisan 2016, 06:17

After thousands of children raised in the schools built by our founders Fatma Nevvar İŞGÖREN and Recep Salih İŞGÖREN in their lifetime, now the first baby born in the Gaziemir Nevvar Salih İşgören State Hospital, which is their last charity work, is named as “Fatma Nevvar”. Thus, just like in the works they built, their names are cherished in their foster children even after their passing.

Welcome visit to Fatma Nevvar

Gaziemir District Governor Şerafettin Tuğ and Nevvar-Salih İşgören Foundation Board performed a greeting and welcome visit to Fatma Nevvar, who is named after the philanthropist, and her family. During the visit in Atcalı family’s house, their presents were given and souvenir photos were taken. Our philanthropists were remembered again thanks to the charity work they did. Fatma Nevvar’s family expressed their gratitude to our Philanthropists and Foundation for their nice service.